Apella is not just a business venture but a dream to fulfil a lot of other dreams.

Apparel market is fast evolving and so are the trends giving you plenty of choices to try something new every day, particularly when you love following fashion. But what if you are more of comfort loving and love trends too? What if you want to look fashionable at your workplace or maybe at home ? Do you get much choice then? Not really and even if you do the prices are too high.

We realized that fashion is exclusive of a large segment including the easy going girls, working women, the plus sized ones and the expected mothers, as fashionable outfits fail to provide much utility to them. That was when we decided to come up with a brand that could cater to the needs of that segment. AND THUS, APELLA WAS BORN.

We create outfits as per the needs of our customers. Our products are not inspired by the bounty nature, our glorious past or ramp .They are Inspired by You. We work not just to sell our products but create aconnection with you.