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Regrets? -No More

The delicious cuisines that we are offered from around the globe don’t let us take another thought before we savor
them. How can someone miss the Finnish Squeaky cheese when served with Cloudberry Jam or Coffee? Or maybe donuts which are addictive calorie bombs or the mouth-watering French Macarons. And if you have tasted the finger licking Indian delicacies made with inviting spices, you've got all chances to be a foodie.

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Redefining Fashion

Making a choice between Fashion and Comfort is like making a choice between food and water. Can you choose one? Of course not. Both are essential after all.

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From the Founder's Desk

Apella is not just a business venture but a dream to fulfil a lot of other dreams. Apparel market is fast evolving and so are the trends giving you plenty of choices to try something new every day, particularly when you love following fashion. But what if you are more of comfort loving and love trends too? What if you want to look fashionable at your workplace or maybe at home ? Do you get much choice then? Not really and even if you do the prices are too high.

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Set Descending Direction