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  1. Regrets? -No More

    The delicious cuisines that we are offered from around the globe don’t let us take another thought before we savor them. How can someone miss the Finnish Squeaky cheese when served with Cloudberry Jam or Coffee? Or maybe donuts which are addictive calorie bombs or the mouth-watering French Macarons. And if you have tasted the finger licking Indian delicacies made with inviting spices, you've got all chances to be a foodie. BUT when we step into an apparel store, this taste suddenly fades away. It’s when you pick up the outfit you like – the one in your favorite colour, the one that you wished to have for so long. And then you hear, “Sorry ma’am. This isn’t available in your size.” Many of us have experienced that curse full moment. Haven’t we? That is when we regret our foodie-ness and wonder why did we even have that cheesecake. The dilemma to choose between food and fashion leaves us into the blues. Since ages, we are taught that fashion is for the slim and the tall. When the mouth is for all though,

    why do we have to come to terms with it?

    Now that fashion is going a metamorphosis, with our plus sizes, we make it sure that the size issue doesn’t stop you from choosing your favorite outfit. So that the next time when you see potato chips, no haunted thought bothers you and you eat as much as you want.

    Come ahead and avail your Right To Dress Up!!

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  2. From the Founder's Desk

    Apella is not just a business venture but a dream to fulfil a lot of other dreams.

    Apparel market is fast evolving and so are the trends giving you plenty of choices to try something new every day, particularly when you love following fashion. But what if you are more of comfort loving and love trends too? What if you want to look fashionable at your workplace or maybe at home ? Do you get much choice then? Not really and even if you do the prices are too high.

    We realized that fashion is exclusive of a large segment including the easy going girls, working women, the plus sized ones and the expected mothers, as fashionable outfits fail to provide much utility to them. That was when we decided to come up with a brand that could cater to the needs of that segment. AND THUS, APELLA WAS BORN.

    We create outfits as per the needs of our customers. Our products are not inspired by the bounty nature, our glorious past or ramp .They are Inspired by You. We work not just to sell our products but create aconnection with you.


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  3. Redefining Fashion

    Making a choice between Fashion and Comfort is like making a choice between food and water. Can you choose one? Of course not. Both are essential after all.

    Over the years, though we have been told that fashion and comfort can’t go hand in hand. Is it really the thing? We don’t think so.

    Everybody wants to look good. Who said that requires sacrificing your comfort? Today fashion is being redefined. It’s no more synonymous to low cut tops or painful heels.

    It is more than just following a style dictated to us by a bunch of people. Fashion is more of a language to help you communicate your inner self because it aims to make you feel good not just look good.

    To help you conquer fashion v/s comfort debate we design our outfits based on the level of comfort you should get when you wear them. Because it’s not fashion if it’s not comfort.

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