About Us

About Us At Apella you can closeout trendsetting fabrication for your wardrobe. We won’t promise to give you tons of products, but we do promise to give you a handful of handpicked quality products that will you glassy eyed to single out your one. With our inborn designs, catchpenny prices and assured quality, we ensure that you get the best products. Apella is not just about comfort, it’s more about comfort and inclusiveness- in terms of prices, product categories and above all- sizes. With our wide range of sizes from XS to 8XL, we ensure that fashion belongs to all. Apella was launched with the belief that fashion should be a form of escapism rather than imprisonment. Apella was born when it was figured out that though we have umpteen brands in the market yet they are not in the reach of a large segment of our society due to high rates. Adding to it was the fact that off street fashion- of which most people have access to do not promise quality. Keeping in mind, the foundation of a brand that would promise its consumer superior quality without being hard on pocket was laid. Inborn Designs: You don’t have to change yourself to fit into a pretty dress. All you have to do is to look out for that dress which is made to suit your pretty body. Generally a wide wedge is seen between what’s in the trend and what can be actually worn by you. Our designers blend the two and adding their own designs give you the Wearable Fashion. Our designers don’t design stuff merely based on what’s in the trend. They design it according to what will suit people of varied body shaped and sizes. They don’t fabricate garments. They design dreams in which you as a wearer can see yourself the way you want. So that you prettify yourself the way you like it. Catch Penny Prices: GENERALLY, it is assumed that quality products are hard on pocket and those which are less exorbitant are poor in quality. But we are of the opinion that if the product reaches directly to the consumer by passing through fewer hands then good quality products can be made affordable and accessible to common people Brand ambassadors Apella is not just a Business but a lot more. Apella is born out of the dream to create a brand where every customer is a Brand Ambassador. Each one of you matters to us, for we work to see the sparkle in your eyes and that contagious smile on your face when our products reach to you. Not by Nature, future or past, our products are INSPIRED BY YOU. Inspired by every bit of expectation you come to us with, for our design philosophy revolves around you. Because you matter to us and so do your expectations.